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Keep it "covered" Lovers!

ONE condoms
Condoms are Necessary for Safer Sex!

   I recently had a new customer stop in, and he asked about condoms. I suggested ONE"s as they are thinner, pre-lubricated and low-odor...as well as stronger than most condoms.


He read the package carefully to see if they contained spermicide..."you know, because I don't want to get HIV."


   This gentleman was under the impression that spermicides helped prevent HIV.

   WOW...bassackwards information dude. He, like so many other people needed a little crash course on safer sex practices. Many of my customers find themselves re-entering the dating world after their LTR or marriage dissolves, and are woefully unprepared. Nonoxynol-9, (a common spermicidal ingredient) has actually been shown to INCREASE your likelihood of contracting HIV, during vaginal penetration, and especially during anal sex; which is why Astroglide and other lube companies, as well as most condom companies, have removed it from their products.

  If you feel you need additional protection from pregnancy, choose a spermicidal gel or foam that does NOT contain Nonoxynol-9. It is believed this chemical increases the occurence of micro abrasions in both vaginal and rectal membranes, making your body more receptive to bacteria and viruses of all kinds, including HIV and a whole long list of STD's.


  Using a good quality, condom safe lubricant is also very important. If you purchase "plain" or unlubricated condoms, add a drop to the inside of the resevoir tip, before rolling it on...then rub just a little all over the outside of the condom once it is on.  Lubricants reduce condom breakage, and also provide a smoother more comfortable penetration experience...buffering both vaginal and anal/rectal tissues, which can help reduce abrasions. So, lube it up, and keep it covered lovers!

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