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Yes, there is a G Spot

The G Spot Is Real
Finding the G Spot! YES, It's REAL

   Nearly every day, a customer will approach me with questions concerning the G Spot: 

Is it REAL? Is female ejaculation real? OR, with statements like, "I don't have one!" or "Mine must be lost...I've been trying to find it for years..." OR, my favorite, "I must have been born without one."


   Well, ladies and gentleman, my answers is always the same: YES, G Spots are real, and NO, it is not "lost"! Your G Spot is right where you left it, embedded in your urethral sponge. Female ejaculation is also real, though not every woman will experience and/or master this ability.


    The Urethral Sponge is a collection of spongey tissue surrounding the Urethra, (the narrow tube leading away from the bladder). It runs along the "roof" of the vaginal walls, about 2 1/2" inside of the vagina, so if you are lying on your back this area will be towards your tummy, or belly button.  If you touch this area, you will realize why it is called a sponge. The texture is a little bumpy and crinkley...you know, like a natural sponge. The Urethral Sponge also has the ability to fill with fluid and expand during stimulation, and when it does it becomes much smoother, slicker and more sensitive to touch. This is also why women often feel the urge to urinate during G Spot stimulation, and especially just prior to experiencing a G Spot Orgasm, because of the additional pressure being put on their urethra. 

   What makes stimulating this spongey area so pleasant? Well, women have an entire network of nerve endings (NEARLY 8,000 !) that branch out and away from the Clitoris.  Some of these nerves run towards and through the Labia, in what are known as clitoral "legs".  Still others run up, back, and inside of the vaginal walls. A good deal of these sensitive nerves find themselves running through the urethral sponge.

    So you could say that a woman born with a clitoris, a vagina, and a urethral sponge has a G Spot (or what some educators now refer to as a G Zone, or G Area) by default. Whether or not she finds pleasure in stimulating this area, or can achieve a Vaginal or G Spot Orgasm is another discussion entirely.

    As to the subject of Female Ejaculation, and G Spot and Vaginal Orgasms...well, I think I will leave that for another blog post, on another day. So, stay tuned DivaPassion.com readers...


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    K (Sunday, 15 September 2013 11:01)

    Thanks for the great read! Very interesting, I will have to make sure someone I know reads this as well!!

    Great to see you the other day! DIVA is my favorite store!