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It Just Keeps on Humming...

Blue Venus Vibrator
Blue Venus "Hummer" Vibe

   This odd looking vibrator would seem like an unlikely customer favorite, but indeed it is a Diva Best Seller! I have always thought it was shaped rather like the "Grim Reaper" in silhouette. I guess this is appropriate when considering the French term for orgasm, la petite mort, or "little death". In its original color, a rather pearly white, it is even more ghost like in appearance. 


   The Blue Venus is a gyrating vibrator, aka "Hummer" that uses an off center motor to create a humming, sometimes "thudding" vibration that is very different from typical high pitched, fuzzy or buzzing vibes. I have had more than one customer compare this toys highest setting to the lowest setting of their beloved (POWERFUL) Hitachi Wand...which, if you are familiar, is an electric plug in model famous for its intense, sometimes teeth-chattering vibrations. So, if you prefer deep, rumbley vibrations and a firm vibe, the Blue Venus may be for you.


One side of the Hummer has a scoop shape, designed to cup and surround the clitoris. I usually suggest applying a few drops of a good lubricant before using the Hummer as an initial "buffer".  Start the vibe at a slower speed, gradually increasing the intensity as you become comfortably aroused.  You can simply use the Hummer for clitoral stimulation...but frankly, that would be a waste of this toys full pleasure potential! Once you find yourself well on your way, turn the toy and insert vaginally so that the "nub" opposite the scoop is facing up against your G Spot area.  The intensity of vibration and pressure you exert is all up to you...do what is comfortable, but keep in mind that the G Spot does require more, when it comes to pressure and vibration than the clitoris does. Because this style of vibrator is firm, (hard plastic) and the motor is strong, it can successfully stimulate your G Spot and lead to a G Spot or vaginal orgasm. Using a firm stroking motion also helps.


 Follow up from customers here at Diva on this vibe has been tremendous.  I have had more than one customer pick up a Hummer as a gift for a friend, after trying it out for themselves...and one very memorable customer purchased a "back up" Hummer to insure that when her original "died", she would have an immediate replacement! This surprisingly effective vibrator just might have you speaking French...

  • 7" total length, approx. 1.2" diameter, at its largest point 
  • Tempered, (ABS) Plastic, and Body Safe Urethane
  • Variable Speed, Gyrating Motor
  • Water Resistant
  • Uses 2 AA batteries
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