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Form 2 by Jimmyjane OR how I learned to love "designer" vibrators



     A funny thing happened on my way to a very intense orgasm. I fell in love with a brand.  A brand that I had sworn off.  Sworn off for being too expensive (or so I thought), too highbrow (the sales rep wore a suit, and spoke of SEX TOYS as if they were works of modern art), and too zealous in its quest for design driven, euro-snob perfection. 

     I don't even know how it happened exactly, but I must have let my guard down after reading one too many 5 star reviews of the JIMMYJANE FORM 2.  Before I knew what hit me, the "Brown Truck"  was delivering a shipment of JIMMYJANE, and I was just done for.


  I chose the FORM 2 in slate...a deep charcoal gray that would stand out from the rest of my toy collection at home. I only ordered the one piece, because deep down I was hoping the FORM 2 would not live up to its hype. Investing in a new toy line for Diva can be expensive, and even some "Best Sellers" can flop if the locals remain unimpressed.

     I tried to remain calm as I unsealed the box...sensation in stereo, FORM 2...waterproof...rechargeable vibrator. Well, I definitely liked the sound of that. Dual MotorsPowerful Flexible Vibrating EarsHigh Performance Lithium BatterySimple Intuitive Controls, and Digital Vibration Modes. This is like dirty talk for a sex shop owner. As the buyer for Diva, I am always in search of the next fabulous, mind blowing, toe curling sex toy.  So, stand and deliver JIMMYJANE.  8 hours later (the recommended first charging time) the little bugger was fully charged and ready to take home for a test run.

       I "played" with my FORM 2 before I played with my FORM 2, to insure that I was completely at ease and familiar with its buttons, settings, and modes.  I found the controls fairly intuitive (as stated on the box).  The universal + button for ON and UP, and the common - button for DOWN and OFF. Closer towards the base of the toy a ~ button takes you through all of the FORM 2 settings: a total of 5 speeds, and 4 vibration patterns. As I messed around with the controls, I couldn't help but be impressed by the power of this smaller than expected vibe. Just large enough to cup in the palm of my hand...the ears each throbbed, waved, pulsed and escalated as I scrolled through the modes.

     "What's that you say Dear? You have to make a run to the hardware store? Uh yeahhhh, well I need to take a quick shower...see you in a little while..." My mind was still on those throbbing modes. Waterproof! Do I need to type that again?  WATERPROOF! The FORM 2 is 100% submersible...making it easy to wash, shower and tub friendly. Just what every gal needs when her husband runs errands. 

      If I were to go into too many details about that shower scene, I would have to tag this Blog post ADULT, and at the very least move out of town...and I kind of like Ventura, after all.  I'll just sum it up by saying AMAZING...kind of like those Herbal Essence commercials, only in "silent scream mode" AND WAY BETTER.

    Later that day, the aforementioned Hubby and I shared an even more momentous, breathless, heart pounding, and dare I say it, "toe curling" event, which may just go down as  the best vibrator experience of my life. My Hubby dubbed the FORM 2 a winner..."that thing is like a rocket! You are keeping it, right? I mean you should have seen the look on your face!"

      Yes, sweetie it is a keeper...and I am kind of glad I couldn't see the look on my face. Kind of like ugly crying...just without the tears.

AND, if my experience with the FORM 2 is any indication of how many of these lovelies I can sell, it should become a BEST SELLER in record time.


THE PROS: FORM 2 is made from"Medical Grade" Silicone that is completely hypoallergenic, easy to clean, and smooth to the touch.  This vibe is also 100% Waterproof, and powerful as all get out. The multi-speed and mult-ifunction controls are easy and intuitive, and the unique minimalist design surrounds the clitoris with intense, rumbly vibrations. FORM 2 recharges in its own "Ikea-esque" base, which is very easy to use.  The FORM 2 is excellent as a solo toy, and even more fun with a partner, as it is small enough to use as additional stimulation during good old P in V sex, oral sex, and foreplay of all kinds. The dual motors have a distinct advantage when it comes to stimulating the clitoral "legs", those nerve endings running away from the head of the clitoris; some reviewers even mentioned experiencing a unique style of orgasm as a result. The FORM 2 is also great for women that find direct clit stimulation overwhelming...simply rest the FORM 2 on the mons, slowly move the vibe downward toward the clitoris until you find just the right sweet spot, and allow the "ears" to work their magic.


THE CONS: The FORM 2 is a little on the noisy side. Those powerful vibrations can come with a cost.  Some reviewers have had issues with the dual motors "transferring" the vibrations away from the tip of the ears, as the FORM 2 balances itself...kind of like a washing machine that gets noisy as a load of clothes becomes unevenly distributed.  Try as I might, I could not re-enact this phenomenon, but I did notice an increase in noise level as I pushed the FORM 2 up to full blast.  Frankly, I was way too busy enjoying the sensations the toy delivered to care. 







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