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Lelo Vibrators Ina 2 and Gigi 2 Review

Ina 2 vibrator by Lelo
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   Lelo has been on a roll, putting out new versions of their already popular, super high quality vibrators. Read on if you want the latest on some of the best vibes on the market.

A Free Ina-2

  Well, it is true, their were free Ina's to be had. Yours truly got one as a result of following a particular company on Twitter. Yep, free luxury vibrator sent to me in a plain box. No extra packing material, no fancy gift wrap, not so much as a note of celebration. I am not complaining. Took my Ina-2 home, plugged her in and charged her up. Ina-2 and I, we're practically best friends now.

   The newly flexible clitoral stem of the Ina-2 was a welcome change. By moving the Ina-2 from side to side, or by changing the angle of the vibe overall, I could control the pressure of the stem. The familiar shape of the smooth G-Spot "bulb" was intense, yet very comfortable.  

   Those two motors, wrapped in 100% silicone, won me over VERY quickly. The multiple speeds and modes (there is one that sort of ROLLS along, some pulse variations, and one that ECHOES between the clit stem and the G-Spot motor) kept me on my toes, then quietly curled them.  First I was a winner, then I was WINNING.

Gigi gets a Makeover, sort of.

Gigi-2 vibrator by Lelo
The Gigi-2 in Deep Rose

   As for the Gigi-2, well, after experiencing the new and delightfully improved Ina-2, let's just say I was more than a little curious. So, I added it to my next shipment of toys and goodies. Just like the Ina-2, the new Gigi-2 is 100% waterproof, making it super easy to clean, bathtub and shower friendly.

   Unlike the Ina-2, which surprised me with its rumbley vibration, Gigi-2 felt only slightly more powerful than its original.

   On the plus side, Gigi-2 is quieter, smaller, and more subtle than the Ina-2.    


   The high quality silicone surrounding Lelo vibes, make them fully hypoallergenic and velvety smooth. So, both of these new vibes are perfect in that respect. Both are rechargeable, and have locking modes to keep them storage and travel friendly. 

  The controls of the Ina-2 and Gigi-2 are fairly ergonomic. But, just as with the originals, I recommend you become familiar with the circular controls before you put these vibes to serious use.   

   Originally pitched as a G-Spot vibe, Gigi-2 performs even more effectively as a clitoral vibe. The smooth, softly angled tip lays nicely over the clitoris, without being too agressive. The tip is broader than most small clit vibes, covering more surface, to reach more nerve endings.

   As a G-Spotter, I (like many other reviewers) wish the Gigi-2 was just a little longer, for better control of both pressure and angle internally. If you enjoy thrusting action in a G-Spot toy, the Gigi-2 may fall short for you. 

   If you were already a fan of the Gigi, or if you are looking for a small-scale vibrator of high quality, the Gigi-2 is a great choice.       

   If you want a powerhouse of rumbley sensation, with both internal and external stimulation, then spend the extra 30 or so dollars and get the Ina-2.  

Lelo has won my heart once more.

   I was beginnning to dislike this company...actually that is putting it mildly. Lelo has been going through some growing pains; expanding their lines, creating new lines, and raising wholesale prices as a result. Business owners don't like it when you mess with their profit margins. BUT, I have to admit something.  The Ina2 and Gigi2 are worth the extra dollars.  


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