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Slippery Surfaces Ahead: PART 2

All in Good Taste

Flavored Lubricants
Perfect for Oral Sex

   Maybe it's just the "foodie" in me, but I am super picky about flavored lubes! For the past 9 years, I have been happily selling JO H2o Flavored, Water Based Lubricants. They come in a good selection of flavors, are silky, and wash (or should I say, lick) away easily. A little goes a long way, and reactivates with your own moisture. Just a few drops of a good flavored lube can change your entire oral sex experience.  




Hot and Bothered

hot pink warming lubricant
Moisture activated warming lube!

   Hearing so many stories about warming lubricants gone awry, I have been a little apprehensive about selling anything designed to HEAT your genitals! Then, along came hot pink, designed for women.  

   Most warming lubricants use ingredients like capsacian, (pepper), or cinnamon, or menthol to heat sensitive tissues. Hot pink is water based, and contains a combination of ingredients that gently warm, when they make contact with your own moisture. The more liberally you apply hot pink, the more you will feel the heat.

   This exothermic formula can be used in a variety of ways. Apply to any erogenous zone for a warm and sensual massage; simply activate hot pink with a small amount of water or saliva.

   You can use hot pink safely with all toy materials, including the elastomers commonly used in male masturbation sleeves. Run some warm water through the sleeve to dampen and "pre-heat", then use hot pink lube for a truly warming experience.

  Use your imagination, and some moisture, to come up with your own uses for this clever product.


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