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   Yes, you read that right! For a decade I have been selecting what I believe to be the BEST in Vibrators, Sex Toys, Personal Lubricants, and Sexy Lingerie for  Diva "the passion boutique".  


   Through it all, I have learned a great deal about what my customers want in pleasure. They want MORE. More pleasure than you can shake a stick at.


  They want their proverbial cake, a large slice please, and they want to eat it too. Male or Female, single or solitary, coupled or otherwise...that special drive is there.


   We all crave that which makes us feel alive, very deeply alive, connected to the root of physical creation in a universal Big Bang kind of way, aka. orgasm. Now, don't get me wrong, simply buying more things may not bring you there,

    But in the same way that using the right tools gets a job done easier, faster, and often times better, owning certain bedroom toys and accessories can enhance your sex life exponentially. I have gone to a great deal of effort to bring you a variety of quality items from affordable (a good value) to luxurious ( you may have to start a piggy bank for some of these). Whatever the price, they are selected with your pleasure in mind. 

    It is certainly never too late to learn YOUR pleasure.  A large portion of Diva customers are now over 50, making it clear that the "Boomer Generation" is not going quietly into the night, far from it. Whether they are newly single, or in a steadfast relationship, they want to explore, improve, and expand the pleasure potential in their lives.  Diva has several Best Selling products that work particularly well for those in this age group, so don't be shy when asking for product recommendations. For those under the age of 40, well, they often want to learn NOW what it takes to create those long term relationships and grow their own lasting passion.  

   If you remember one thing from this post, let it be this: Your body has the potential for great pleasure. Enjoy exploring it on your own, or with your partner and look at it as a learning process that goes on and on. 


     On a final note, I wish I knew who originally said this:   

"I can't sell happiness, but I can sell vibrators, and that's almost the same thing." 


Thank You for taking the time to read my Blog Post! I would appreciate any questions or comments.  Beth

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    Beth (Friday, 28 November 2014 13:26)

    A reader asked:

    Hello Beth, Do you have any wisdom to share about the sensation of cold stimulation for female's, in my case, I enjoy ice. My partner and I have experimented this option with ice cubes. icicles and some times freezing a sex toys.. This has been a sensual journey for us both to explore and honestly, we enjoy it immensely. I can not find any literature on this subject or for that matter, porno movies that explore this unique sensation. Your thoughts or input on this subject would be appreciated. Enjoy visiting your store and found our favorite lubricant, Liquid Silk, which is something we seem to never have, waiting to hear from you...THANKS

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    Beth (Friday, 28 November 2014 13:29)

    Glad to hear that you are enjoying Diva, and the blog. "Temperature play" can be an interesting way to explore different forms of arousal, and involve different chemical and physical responses in the body than other forms of stimulation.

    Most forms of ice play are safe, but when taken to its most extreme internally can lead to a lowered core temperature. My word of warning to you as you play, check in periodically with yourself and/or your partner. If feelings of numbness lead to pain, then give yourself a break from the ice. Thermal shock is very rare in these circumstances, but it can happen, and is especially dangerous for individuals with heart conditions.

    Make sure any ice/frozen toys placed inside the body have smooth edges, and that the temp of the object is not too cold to handle with bare hands. As for adult films on this subject, I don't have any references for you...

    AND on the topic of Liquid Silk...it may be some time before anyone sees this back on the market. Liquid Silk is currently undergoing FDA approval for its unique formula. The estimate on shipments is late January 2015. I am currently carrying Sliquid Silk, a more natural hybrid lube, and Pink Indulgence, a creamy style hybrid lube if you need an alternate product.
    Happy exploring, and thanks again for your inquiry!
    Beth at Diva