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Rave from We-Vibe a G-spot vibe with a new twist.

It has been a long time since a vibrator really caught my attention with something new. By that I mean something unique that is much more than a gimmick...design with a difference. Rave, brought to us by the maker of the one and only original We-vibe has done just that.


The Rave features a subtle asymmetrical boomerang shape. Curved for easy angling, both in solo or partner play. An additional raised edge is just prominent enough to guarantee friction right where you need it when you employee the trademarked "twist and shout" motion. Simply stated, a twist of your wrist is really all it takes for most women to find that sometimes elusive G-spot.


Raving about the Rave

The Rave has already received numerous positive reviews online, for its shape, its rumbling motor, and its adaptabilty to many body shapes both inside and out. The user can control pressure, intensity, and vibration with the Rave. 


Although the Rave was designed with G-spots in mind its pulse patterns and multi-speed functions shouldn't be limited to internal play.

The clitoris and all your other pleasure zones deserve attention too. If all of that wasn't enough to consider, the We-vibe people have included the free We-connect app. This means you can have fun creating new patterns of play, or playing long distance with a partner...all through your smartphone. 

Shown here in traditional vibrator purple (not the Pantone color of the year by the way) along with its USB charger. The Rave features 9 patterns, plus straight vibration and is water resistant. Feel free to Rave in the shower, but you should avoid soaks in the tub. Its firm body is 100% body safe silicone and velvety smooth in texture. 


90 minutes of charging will usually give you 2 hours of vibration time. User experience will vary.


The makers of Rave recommend a good water based lubricant for smooth sensations and easy clean up. I say yes to that idea, and yes to the Rave.


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