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Products for Women That Inspire Desire!

Arousal products are designed to stimulate blood flow to a woman's erogenous zones. Some products, like Cleopatras Secret creme use a Mint and Menthol blend for a warming sensation, topped off with a cooling tingle.  Other oils, Like ON contain no Mint or Menthol.  Each formula has a specific task, just keep reading to learn more.

ON arousal oil
On: arousal oil for women!

On is a unique mix of essential oils , designed to stimulate without irritating...and to warm without mint or menthol. Just a drop or two of this proprietary blend is applied directly to a woman's clitoris, for up to an hour of increased sensitivity and pleasure.  Ladies report a pleasant "buzzing, pulsing, warming sensation", from this all natural clit stimulator, and for some Diva customers On has become a date night staple...a fun addition to their bedroom adventures.  

PLUS, ask about our latest additions! Even more stimulating oils, gels and balms at Diva "the passion boutique". One of our newest is Nipple Titilator...a tasty Strawberry and Cinnamon gel, that can be applied to the nipples and other sensitive spots. This gel also makes a fabulous kissing balm to heat up the mouth and lips in a delicious way.  Top selling arousal lotions, balms, gels and oils designed for women!

arousal oil at Diva in Ventura
Stimulating Arousal oils, cremes, and gels at Diva in Ventura