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Quality Lubricants in Many Varieties, get your lube on!

Introducing Lubricant into your sex life adds slip and slide, helps prevent irritation, and keeps dryness at bay. Water Based, Silicone, and Hybrid formula lubricants are all available at Diva. Several of our top sellers are Doctor recommended, and physicians & health professionals regularly send their clients to Diva for a bottle (or two). Most formulas are available in sample, travel, and full size bottles or pumps.

Speciality lubes at Diva include flavors, warming, thicker gels and all purpose silicone lubes, (Uberlube, Pink, System Jo, and Pjur) that double as massage glides. 

 If you want even more information on lubricants make sure you read both Part1  AND  Part2 of my blog posts on lube!

Lubricants for Sensitive Women at Diva in Ventura
Special lubricants made for Women, at Diva in Ventura

All Natural formulas from Jo Organic, and Earthly Body Waterslide are great for anyone looking to remove chemical preservatives, and other harsh ingredients from their personal lube choices. Pink Water is PH balanced for women, and makes a fabulous lubricant for all of you with extra delicate, "delicate parts". Stop by Diva and see all of the different personal lubricants we offer...every one has a unique formula, so you are sure to find the perfect lube choice just for you. Many of our brands are recommended by Health Care Professionals, and Diva customers recommend them to their friends!