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Sensual Oils & Personal Lubricants...get your glide on!

romantic oils and more at Diva in Ventura
Add new sensations with a new oil or lubricant from Diva in Ventura!

Add sensation to every touch of your lovers body with a silky oil or creamy lotion, and keep the passion flowing by using a high quality personal lubricant from Diva "the passion boutique"

Many times I have suggested these sensual body products as a first "sex shop" purchase, as an oil or lubricant can truly change the way sex feels. A warm oil or soothing lubricant sets the mood for an intimate encounter, and softens your touch as well as your lover's skin.

Fragrant oils and candles help to create a "full body" sensual, sexual experience, as do flavored oils and lubricants. Just add some sexy music and a little naughty bedroom babble (aka "dirty talk") to complete the scene...

Personal Lubricants should be in every womans toy box, nightstand, and travel bag as a sex essential...A woman's own moisture levels are not always directly in tune with her sexual desire, as physiological changes, medications, and menopausal issues can disrupt her own natural lubrication levels.  

For couples using condoms, using a lubricant makes safer sex practices even safer, reducing condom breakage significantly...Make sure you are using a water based or silicone lubricant in this case. Lubricants also make condoms feel smoother, more natural, and more comfortable.

Flavored Lubricants are a favorite for oral sex play, in water based formulas that are condom safe, contain no sugars, and are vaginal safe.

Anal play requires a longer lasting lubrication...both Maximus and Wicked Jelle are popular choices for anyone that likes a thicker, slicker lubricant. 

Some people like a lubricant that "heats things up", and yes Diva has some lube choices for that too! For even more information on Speciality Lubricants, read Part2 of Slippery Surfaces Ahead...


Personal Lubricants at Diva in Ventura
Intimate Lubricants for every body...at Diva "the passion boutique" , Your Pleasure is our Passion!