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Still Sexy... A Full Decade of Pleasure

Owner divapassion.com
Beth, DivaPassion.com

   Yes, you read that right! For a decade I have been selecting what I believe to be the BEST in Vibrators, Sex Toys, Personal Lubricants, and Sexy Lingerie for  Diva "the passion boutique".  


   Through it all, I have learned a great deal about what my customers want in pleasure. They want MORE. More pleasure than you can shake a stick at.


  They want their proverbial cake, a large slice please, and they want to eat it too. Male or Female, single or solitary, coupled or otherwise...that special drive is there.


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The Diva Menopause Survival Guide...

mature romantic couple
Taking Care of Your own Physical, Sexual and Sensual Health is Key, During Perimenopause and Beyond!

   OR, What I learned from reading countless articles,

blogs and webzines, and by listening to my customers relate their very personal stories and experiences. This guide is not intended to treat or cure any illness, or medical condition. AND as always if you have any concerns please consult your Doctor, Medical Professional, or Health Care Provider!

   Perimenopause, or menopausal transition, often starts with irregular periods, but symptoms may also include hot flashes, trouble sleeping, vaginal dryness, itchy skin, mood swings, lowered sexual libido and more. All caused by hormonal changes and surges. 


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Longer Passion, Lasting Pleasure...

I was recently interviewed on the topic of keeping passion alive in a long term relationship... 

The interview was fairly brief, and afterwards I started thinking more seriously about what really keeps us connected, both sensually and sexually. As the owner of Diva, I have nearly a decade of talking with women and couples about pleasure, passion, and desire under my belt. 

Women come to me with real life stories about their wants, needs, and concerns. Keeping the home fires burning (so to speak) is a frequent topic of discussion. Entire books have been written on the subject, but simple reminders and solutions often work best:

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Yes, there is a G Spot

The G Spot Is Real
Finding the G Spot! YES, It's REAL

   Nearly every day, a customer will approach me with questions concerning the G Spot: 

Is it REAL? Is female ejaculation real? OR, with statements like, "I don't have one!" or "Mine must be lost...I've been trying to find it for years..." OR, my favorite, "I must have been born without one."


   Well, ladies and gentleman, my answers is always the same: YES, G Spots are real, and NO, it is not "lost"! Your G Spot is right where you left it, embedded in your urethral sponge. Female ejaculation is also real, though not every woman will experience and/or master this ability.

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