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Slippery Surfaces Ahead: PART 2

Maximus Lubricant
Thicker and Slicker, Maximus!

   In Part1 of Slippery Surfaces Ahead, I went into some details about Water Based, Silicone, and Hybrid Personal Lubricants. Here, I will get down to the nitty gritty on Flavors, Warming, Anal, and Masturbation formulas.

   Yeah, just when you think you have it all figured out; manufacturers come up with even more ways to keep things slick and exciting in the bedroom. So, here is a little intro to what I call, speciality lubes.

All in Good Taste

Flavored Lubricants
Perfect for Oral Sex

   Maybe it's just the "foodie" in me, but I am super picky about flavored lubes! For the past 9 years, I have been happily selling JO H2o Flavored, Water Based Lubricants. They come in a good selection of flavors, are silky, and wash (or should I say, lick) away easily. A little goes a long way, and reactivates with your own moisture. Just a few drops of a good flavored lube can change your entire oral sex experience.  

   Max Head  is a very popular flavored gel, designed to enhance any  Bl*w Job. With just a touch of benzocaine to tone down the gag reflex, and help your man last just a little longer. Available in yummy flavors like Sugar Daddy, Berry, and Mint.

   ALSO look for Aqua Wicked Flavors. These unique flavors are Paraben Free, Glycerine Free and Hypoallergenic. My personal fave? Salted Caramel...SO GOOD.



Hot and Bothered

hot pink warming lubricant
Moisture activated warming lube!

   Hearing so many stories about warming lubricants gone awry, I have been a little apprehensive about selling anything designed to HEAT your genitals! Then, along came hot pink, designed for women.  

   Most warming lubricants use ingredients like capsacian, (pepper), or cinnamon, or menthol to heat sensitive tissues. Hot pink is water based, and contains a combination of ingredients that gently warm, when they make contact with your own moisture. The more liberally you apply hot pink, the more you will feel the heat.

   This exothermic formula can be used in a variety of ways. Apply to any erogenous zone for a warm and sensual massage; simply activate hot pink with a small amount of water or saliva.

   You can use hot pink safely with all toy materials, including the elastomers commonly used in male masturbation sleeves. Run some warm water through the sleeve to dampen and "pre-heat", then use hot pink lube for a truly warming experience.

  Use your imagination, and some moisture, to come up with your own uses for this clever product.


Booty Lubes

Pjur Back Door Lube
pjur Back Door in Silicone

    Anal lubricants are an interesting product category at Diva. They are one of those items that people are a little apprehensive about requesting, even though a good lubricant is essential for safe and pleasurable anal play

   Pjur BACK DOOR is the newest addition to Diva's anal lube offerings. Enhanced with Jojoba and Amarys Bark extracts, pjur BACK DOOR Silicone Anal Glide was created to relax and soothe the sphincter muscles, while providing plenty of silky lubrication. 

   Pjur BACK DOOR Comfort Water Anal Glide, uses the moisturizing power of hyaluronan, to cushion and protect skin and tissues. We are carrying BOTH the silicone, and the water based varieties, so you can pick your pleasure.

   Typically, lubricants designed for use anally are thicker than traditional lubes. That is the case with our current top selling, water based gel lubricant, Maximus. Surprisingly smooth and sensual, Maximus doesn't get sticky. The thicker texture helps to cushion delicate rectal tissues, while propelyne glycols bind with your bodies moisture to stay slippery longer.

   Maximus is also great for anyone that simply likes a thicker, longer lasting lubricant, AND the texture helps Maximus coat toys (like plugs and beads) better than liquid lubes.

   AND now a few words on numbing lubricants, creams, sprays, and gels. Anyone that has attended a typical sex toy party, (aka, a F*ckerware Party, as I like to call it) has probably seen a tube of product designed to numb the bum.  These novelties are also found in many shops and websites that sell sexual enhancements and toys. 

   I CANNOT EMPHASIZE ENOUGH how potentially harmful these numbing formulas can be during anal sex. Our bodies pain mechanisms are designed to send signals to our brains, warning us that something is a possible problem...in this case for our health.  

   By numbing the sphincter and/or rectum, you have blocked the information signal that you need to make informed decisions concerning our own body. Micro-tears and abrasions in the rectal area are common enough, and may lead to soreness and/or infections. IF you are feeling pain, something is not right.

   To avoid problems altogether, keep communication between yourself and your partner flowing, take your time and relax, and use plenty of body safe lubrication.


Come to Diva...Buy Some Speciality Lube...Go Home Happy!






CAUTION! Slippery Surfaces Ahead: PART 1

Slippery When Wet
Get Slippery!


 You've Got Questions, this post has ANSWERS


   There are lots of personal  lubricants on the market. So many varieties in fact, that choosing a lube can be overwhelming, and ultimately disappointing. Understanding the differences in types and brands is the key...So lets clear some things up here!

Water Based Lube is the BEST, right?

   Not to sound wishy washy, but that depends.  Water Based lubes have been Doctor recommended for years. That gloppy lube in a tube, that is commonly used during pelvic and prostate exams, is the grand daddy of all the water based lubes we see in stores today. This blend of glycerins, glycols, and water is SLIPPERY.  

   New retail formulas are easier to apply, less viscous, less messy, and wash away easily. Many have the addition of Aloe Vera, Carageen, and/or Vitamin E, to nourish and protect delicate skin. Some of the latest versions are Paraben Free, and all natural as well.

   Water Based Lubricants are very sex toy friendly. I recommend Water Based lubes with all toys made from elastomers, silagels and silicone blends. These materials are semi-porous, and can degrade when used with silicone lubes.  If you have no idea what material your sex toy is made of, water based lubricants are always a safe bet.

   Water Based Lubricants are vagina friendly...and booty friendly, and penis friendly. They wash away from the body, and out of the body easily. A little warm water, and joila

   AND, Water Based Lubricants are Condom Safe.

Silicone Lubricants are the BEST, right?

Pjur Silicone Lubricant
The ORIGINAL Silicone Lube!

   From a personal standpoint, I really like silicone lubricants. Silicone lubricants like Pjur Original, Pjur Gel, System Jo and Pink have the distinct advantage of never drying out, and never getting sticky. They glide on and on without any irritation, and are fully hypoallergenic. The molecules in silicone lubes are too large to be absorbed into the blood stream, and as a rule "float" on the surface of the skin.

   For the super sensitive types out there, silicones can be ideal. Even the most natural water based formula can contain ingredients that irritate tissues. Organic and natural lubricants are wonderful, as long as none of those organic and/or natural ingredients cause an allergic reaction. SO, if you've tried lots of water based lubricants, and still find yourself with discomfort, a silicone lubricant may be the answer.

   Silicones are safe for vaginal, anal, and oral sex purposes.

AND they have no smell, and no taste on their own.

   Silicone Lubricants are so slick, they can be used for full body, sensual massage. System Jo makes a wonderful massage glide that has added fragrance. In stock at Diva in Strawberry, Cucumber, and soothing Lavender. Many customers equate the texture of silicones with a very silky oil. If you or your partner don't like the feeling of oils, you might not like silicone lubes.

    Silicone Lubricants are water resistant. This makes silicones a perfect water play lube. Showers and baths get sexier with the addition of silicone lubricant. Just be VERY cautious around smooth, hard, or tiled surfaces. 

   Silicone Lubricants are a little trickier to clean off of toys and accessories.  Warm, soapy water, and/or a good toy cleaner with a soft cloth usually works just fine. After cleaning and rinsing, your toy should be squeaky clean. If not, soap it up again.  A soft tooth brush makes an ideal tool to clean lube (and what not) from highly textured surfaces, seams, and creases.

   Silicone Lubricants work beautifully with High Grade, 100% Silicone toys. This advice is in direct opposition to some manufacturers advice, and I detail more about that on the post, Lube On! 

   AND, Silicone Lubricants are Condom Safe.

What the heck is a Hybrid Lube? and what makes it so good, anyway?

Liquid Silk lubricant
Best Selling Liquid Silk

   Liquid Silk is a beautiful example of a hybrid lubricant.

Hybrids are the best of both worlds, a blend of water based lubricant and liquid silicones. The water in hybrid lubes moisturize delicate tissues, and the silicones help to keep it there. The silicone also keeps the surface of the skin silky smooth, preventing any tackiness, stickiness, or irritation.

   Liquid Silk is perfect for women experiencing vaginal dryness and may be used on a daily basis as a personal moisturizer, to the labia, vaginal opening, and surrounding tissue. As a post shave moisturizer, Liquid Silk keeps your bikini area nice and smooth.

   Liquid Silk is wonderful to use as a personal lubricant for all types of sexual activity, with or without toys. Some customers have mentioned they dislike the taste of hybrid lubricants, including Liquid Silk. If you fall into this category, you might want to purchase a seperate lube for oral sex. There are plenty of great water based flavors to choose from.

   AND, Hybrid Lubes, including Liquid Silk are Condom Safe.   

Flavors, Stimulating and MORE!

Delicious Varieties at Diva!

   Fun flavors, lubes that put a tingle in your jingle, specialty lubes and more! I will be talking about these soon in PART 2. So, Check back or join our E Mail List to be updated with each new Blog Post, as they are published.  


Come to Diva...Buy Some Lube...Go Home Happy!






Lube On!

sexy laboratory
Lube Testing at the Diva Lab :)

    For at least 10 years, we have been warned (by sex educators, sex toy bloggers, and manufacturers,) not to use silicone lubes with silicone toys. The simple explanation was that silicone toys and lubes don't play well together; silicone lubes might degrade silicone toys over time. The resulting gummy texture was not pleasant, AND there would be no way to "restore" your toy or vibrator.

   However, many of my customers LOVE their silicone lubricants, and LOVE their silicone toys...

   SO, in the interest of the greater good, I have been doing some lube and toy testing.

   Several of the toys we carry at Diva, from Fun FactoryLeloTantus and We-Vibe were the subjects. 

   I tested several formulas of lubricant including, Pink silicone, System Jo, Wicked ultra lube, and Pjur glide by applying them, rubbing them into the toy(s) surface for a minimum of 30 seconds, and then letting the toys "rest" for up to 3 hours. I washed them with a mild liquid soap and water, rinsed and patted dry. Easy-peasy...and certainly not white coat lab worthy, but what I consider "real" science.
  The results were as I expected...A HIGH Quality 100% silicone toy, combined with a high quality silicone lubricant of your choice, poses no problem...No adverse affects, and no funny textures, films, discoloration, or any other noticeable changes in the silicone toys surface.
  On the other hand, actual lab testing (by Trigg Labs, the makers of WET lubricants) on  inferior "silicone" sex toy products ie."silagel", or any translucent rubber product erroneously labeled "as silicone" (Screaming O vibrating rings for instance), may react, break down, or even dissolve with a silicone lube over time.
   Specifically TPR or TPE blends were highly susceptible to breakdown and degredation over time when used with silicone lubricant.  I recommend a water based, or hybrid lubricant with any clear toy material, as a precaution for the longevity of your toy.
   Thankfully, more sex toys are being manufactured with high grade silicone materials, giving consumers the choice of any good lubricant they like. As both consumers and retailers demand higher quality products, the issue will probably fasde away.
   All We-Vibe products, Fun Factory, Tantus, Jopen, Pleasure Works, Lelo, Jimmyjane, and even Cal Exotics Premium silicone toys are safe to use with any good personal lubricant, silicone or otherwise...so "Lube On", and enjoy!